“Partnering with Marvel and the team at AthLife Unlimited has allowed us to bring highly sought after assets and a new way of thinking to our clients. Bringing this new formula and partnership to the sports world is exciting and is pushing everyone forward to a new future.”
- Jay Deutsch | CEO & Co-founder | BDA, Inc.
``The AthLife group has a certain way of doing business where you can't help but to feel assured and confident from day one. Between laying out expectations, exploring creative initiatives and setting up realistic goals, the process was as pleasant as one can initially hope for. From early exploratory stages, they were able to lay out the proposed process and help facilitate and integrate our team with our counterparts at MARVEL. AthLife's experience and expertise allowed for this integration to come together properly, respectfully, effectively and timely. In my fourteen years of working in the sports industry, this collaboration with AthLife ranks among one of the best overall experiences in terms of service, results and overall positive impact to the various areas of our business. I look forward to working with Jon and his team soon, as we hope to bring 2017 plans together in the near future.``

Faham Zakariaei | Sr. Director, Promotions & Special Events - San Francisco Giants Baseball Organization

``In over twenty years of working in professional sports, I have done dozens of fan engagement initiatives and sponsor activations. I rank the 2018 New York Jets + Marvel Hulk ``Green Out`` partnership among the very best I have been involved with. From the planning process with multiple contributors and rights holders, through the development of more than ten individual executional elements, to the deployment of each element over a week-long promotional period, everything about this project was collaborative. innovative, and focused on getting to ``yes``. Most importantly, it worked. Fans loved it, the sponsor saw significant incremental value, and the gameday atmosphere was electric. All around, a great program.``

– Seth Rabinowitz, Former SVP of Marketing and Fan Engagement, New York Jets