Defenders of the Diamond, Assemble! Minor League Baseball and Marvel Entertainment have partnered on an exciting three-year program called “Marvel’s Defenders of the Diamond” featuring 96 different Minor League Clubs across all four levels. The fun began during the 2022 MiLB season with each Club hosting at least one Marvel theme night at their ballpark involving popular Marvel Super Hero character appearances, special Marvel-themed uniforms, custom Minor League Baseball-themed comic books and entertaining Marvel-themed activities and promotions throughout the game too. As part of the Marvel’s Defenders of the Diamond series, Marvel animators have reimagined logos for all participating clubs. Clubs will be wearing these logos on field in 2023, as they defend their diamond!.

Marvel’s Defenders of the Diamond 2022 Stats

– 140 Games Played
– 41.8% increase in attendance over average
– Marvel Games Played to 70% Capacity
– The Program Welcomed More than 770,000 Fans
– 9.9 Million Organic Social Impressions
– Nearly $3 Million In Incremental Ticket Sales
– Marvel’s Defenders of the Diamond Retail accounted for 16% of total 2022 sales in just 1 month
– MiLB expects $10 Million In Retail Sales in 2023